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At Poul’s Auto we understand that everyone’s rental requirements are unique which is why we offer complete flexibility to suit different needs. As well as our large range of excellent vehicles, you can also choose between short-term or long-term rental options.

Short-Term Rental

Any holiday in Tenerife is a brilliant choice, with gorgeous warm sunny weather, beautiful beaches and an abundance of amazing attractions and places to visit. To make your time on the island even better though, a car rental is a superb option and we have a huge fleet of amazing vehicles for you to choose from.

Choosing a short-term rental option with Poul’s Auto during your Tenerife holiday offers a number of benefits:

Long-Term Rental

A long-term lease with Poul’s Auto means at least 4 consecutive weeks car rental or more. When you choose this option then our tariffs are lowered even further providing even greater value for you.

There are a wide variety of benefits to choosing our long-term rental option:

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