Long Term Car Rental

Long term lease means at least 4 consecutive weeks. Our tarifs are lowered even further for this arrangement.

Save money by

NOT OWNING A CAR… we will gladly calculate that for you.
Always drive a new and attractive car. Much more reliable than your own which doesn´t get better in the course of time.
In case of defect, repair or Inspection intervals you have access to another car free of charge.
Pick up and deliver your car at the airport, that saves on taxis and parking or upkeeping
Residents can save a bundle, time and avaid hassle if they decide to rent one of our attractive cars for the duration of their stay here.
No hassle with garage owners that think they can rip you off just because your spanish is not fluent
No need for a garage to prevent vandalism during your stay abroad.
No need to worry about car taxes or due-dates. Just forget about technical inspection problems.
Your own car deteriorates even when standing still. The battery, the tyres and other parts suffer greatly from non-use. Trouble ahead when you come here to relax. Do you really need that?

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